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  • Based on the latest primary school curriculum syllabus.

  • 100% aligned with the current school textbook.

  • Specially written for student’s self-revision.

  • Contains 5 main subjects: Chinese, Malays, English, Mathematics and Science.

  • Concise notes with bilingual explanations for Malay and English subjects.

  • Starfish Notes/Strategies – provides the important notes for each topic.

BUKU TEKS RUJUKAN SJKC ( TAHUN 1 ) / 考前7天速成 课本全科总复习(一年级)


BUKU TEKS RUJUKAN SJKC ( TAHUN 2 ) / 考前7天速成 课本全科总复习(二年级)


(English & Bahasa Melayu)


Student Feedback

“I find the Starfish strategies in this book very helpful especially for the essay section. Now, I don’t feel like it is difficult to answer the essay section anymore since the strategies have helped me a lot.”

Aiko Hiew , Standard 6 student in SJKC Khai Chee
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